All furniture is made of granite or marble (kitchen fixtures, couches, sideboards, beds, cabinets, sinks, etc.).
Thanks to a system we have developed in-house, our customers have the option to combine each piece of furniture (each made of granite or marble) with semiprecious stones, metal, wood, glass, leather and fabric, etc., based on their own personal preferences. Our design even makes it possible to simply change the combination of the materials later.

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(all materials can be tailored to customer’s wishes upon request)

Frame material: Granite (nero assoluto)
Material seat cover: Alcantara (black)
Dimensions: Height 45-87 cm  / width 220 cm / depth 50 cm
Weight: approx. 160 kg

There are three resposes to a piece of design- yes, no, and WOW! Wow ist the one to aim for.

(Milton Glaser)

The greatest luxury is to have the time to enjoy beautiful things.